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A Method for Computation of Regime Channel Defining Characteristics

Author(s): M. S. Yalin; A. M. Ferreira Da Silva

Linked Author(s): Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva

Keywords: Regime channels; Channel width; Flow depth; Slope; Computational method

Abstract: A computational method for the determination of the regime channel defining characteristics (regime width, depth and slope) is introduced. The “channel forming” flow rate is constant, the flow is turbulent, the alluvium is cohesionless. The regime channel formation process is determined by the flow rate and the physical nature of the materials involved (alluvium and water). The computational method rests on the simultaneous solution of three equations: the resistance equation, a condition implying the minimization of an energy-related quantity, and a relation which reflects the time-invariance of regime channels. The validity of the present method is tested by comparing computed regime characteristics with field and laboratory data of various sources.


Year: 1999

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