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On the Use of a 3D CFD Model to Simulate Reservoir Sedimentation Processes

Author(s): Thorsten Stoesser

Linked Author(s): Thorsten Stoesser

Keywords: Numerical Modeling; Reservoir; Sediment Transport; Hydro-Power

Abstract: In order to improve understanding of reservoir sedimentation issues an accurate prediction of the processes is essential. This paper presents the results of a 3-dimensional numerical simulation of the Allai Khwar River in the Himalayan of Pakistan for prototype conditions and after the assessment of a dam. The simulations are carried out with the software SSIIM and contain hydrodynamic and morphological processes. The results of the calculations can be used by the decision-makers for the design of the dam, proper operation and maintenance of the reservoir. Two different dam alternatives at different sites were suggested, which both of them have been modeled. The simulations showed that the lifetime of the water storage reservoir for both alternatives is limited without the application of certain precaution techniques. The trap efficiency can be initially estimated being at 100% . Two hydraulic methodologies, namely flushing and sluicing, to prevent the reservoir from being filled with sediments have been proposed, modeled and discussed. Calculations showed that by the application of these techniques, sediments can be routed through the pool and previously deposited could be flushed out. Hence, reservoir capacity can be maintained and the life of the storage facility can be extended.


Year: 1999

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