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Pressure Distribution from Tsunami Bore Impact on a Cylindrical Structure

Author(s): Seyedreza Shafiei; Bruce W. Melville; Asaad Y. Shamseldin; Keith Adams; Sherif Beskhyroun

Linked Author(s): Bruce W. Melville, Asaad Yahia Shamseldin

Keywords: Tsunami bore; Cylindrical structure; Pressure; Vertical distribution; Force

Abstract: Tsunamis have recently become recognised as a devastating hazard of medium probability and potentially high risk for coastal communities in tsunami prone areas. Destructive tsunamis that have occurred in the last decade have stimulated an increase in the study of tsunami-structure interaction. This study investigates the tsunami bore impact on a cylindrical structure. Physical experiments were carried out in a large wave flume with a horizontal floor. Tests were conducted for a range of bore heights (110 mm to 155 mm), and bore velocities (2. 19 m/s to 2. 59 m/s). The vertical distribution of the applied pressure was measured using a vertical array of pressure sensors. The cylindrical structure was rotated so that the sensors were orientated at several angles between 0˚ and 135˚, giving in effect a threedimensional pressure distribution around the structure. The flow-direction force was calculated by integrating the pressure over the projected area and was equivalent to a drag coefficient of 0. 62.


Year: 2013

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