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An ISPH Model for the Dynamics of Dry Granular Assemblies

Author(s): Xuzhen He; Dongfang Liang

Linked Author(s): Dongfang Liang

Keywords: Debris flows; Viscoplastic fluid; Dam-break; Granular materials; SPH

Abstract: Debris flows are a catastrophic geophysical phenomenon, which may cause huge fatality and property loss. Thus, it is of vital importance to understand the behaviour of debris flows. They behave more like a ‘frictional material’ like dry granular materials when the portion of solid is much greater than that of water. This paper provides an application of the incompressible SPH method to the dynamics of the dry granular assemblies, which is modelled by a pressure dependent Bingham model. In this constitutive model, not only is the yield shear stress of granular materials dependent on local pressure, the viscosity is also dependent on pressure. On the whole, numerical results agree well with experiments. The SPH method reproduced many important features of granular collapse, including the final deposit profile, ceasing time and kinematic properties of the granular column.


Year: 2013

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