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Brief Discussion on Plants and Fish Habitat and the Design of Imitated Ecological Fishway

Author(s): Guoxiang Xuan; Xiaogang Wang

Linked Author(s): Xiaogang Wang

Keywords: River ecological system; Fish habitat; Aquatic plants; River cascade development; Imitated ecological fishway

Abstract: The river ecological system, especially the fish survival ecological environment factor is discussed in this paper. The influence of flow velocity and turbulence on fish habitat is also described. The aquatic plants, river ecosystem, and their close relationship with fish are discussed. Aquatic plants have great influences on flow velocity, flow resistance, turbulence and sediment movement characteristics. It is pointed out that the construction of bionic fishway is very important under river cascade development. Preliminary assumption that the aquatic plants should be added in the construction of the imitated ecological fishway was put forward. And ecological hydraulics problems in imitated ecological fishway were pointed out to be further studied.


Year: 2013

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