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Numerical Modeling Siltation in the Water Intake Basin of a Thermal Power Plant in Tieshan Bay, China

Author(s): Yuhai Wang; Chuansheng Guo; Dabin Liu; Chonghao Wang; Zhihao Zhang

Linked Author(s): Dabin Liu, Chonghao Wang, Yuhai Wang

Keywords: Tieshan Bay; Water intake; Siltation; FVCOM; Morphodynamics

Abstract: Tieshan Bay is located on the coast of Guangxi Province, China, facing South China Sea. A large-scale channel-shoal system has been present. A thermal power plant is planned to be constructed on the middle western coast of the Tieshan Bay by land reclamation. It will use sea water as its cooling water, which is designed to be taken from the deeper tidal channel through a triangular basin immediately behind of a gravity-pile-type coal dock. For the safe operation of the plant it is desirable that the siltation volume within the water-intake basin is as less as possible. This study uses a 3D unstructured grid, finite-volume coastal ocean model (FVCOM) to simulate the tidal flow and sediment transport process within the Tieshan Bay. After good calibration of tidal flow, sediment concentration and seabed accretion with observations this study further investigate the siltation volume and distribution within the water-intake basin. Results show that annual siltation volume within the basin will be moderate, showing a decreasing pattern from the dock to the inner part, but the total siltation volume will increase with the water intake discharge. It is emphasized that the layout and size of a coastal engineering project should be optimized to adapt to the long-term morphodynamic evolution of channel-shoal system in a semi-enclosed coastal bay.


Year: 2013

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