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The Design and Development of the Information Management and Hydraulic Simulation Integration Platform for Large Water Diversion System

Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Lisong Zheng; Qingguo Li; Jun Qian

Linked Author(s): Cheng Zhang

Keywords: South-to-North water diversion project; Digital canal; Hydraulic model; Numerical simulation; Integration system

Abstract: The information management and operation control is an important and complicated problem of large water diversion system. Base on digital canal of the middle route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWDP), the whole design frame and modeling method of the digital platform were analyzed and introduced. To satisfy the demand of hydraulic analysis in the water diversion process and information management during system operation, the difference between this demand and the hydraulic simulation model also with the information management of the digital canal were evaluated. As a result, the pre-processing module was improved by redesigning the operation interface, and the outflow simulation model of gate was developed by finite difference method, which is a key problem for the hydraulic simulation model of water diversion canal. In order to improve computation precision of this simulation model, the outflow simulation model of gate was developed by Taylor expansion and finite difference method, considering the influence on submergence factor caused by both upstream and downstream water level. The model was validated through computation in a reach of SNWDP. The simulation results of water surface profile and gate flow shows that,it is reasonable, computes gate flow continuously and improves computation precision. The model was preliminary applied to simulate hydraulic response of a typical reach of the middle route of SNWDP with downstream control method. The variation of channel water level and gate movement in equilibrium state were analyzed. The results shows that, in downstream control mode, gate opening variation are consistent with flow variation, beginning time of gate movement has close relationship with flow variation and the result of water level accords with hydraulic law. Under this improved integration platform, the water diversion capability and hydraulic response can be fulfilled. It can be a useful technique method for the engineering design, management and regulation.


Year: 2013

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