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Habitat Suitability of Tor Sinensis in the Middle Reach of the Lancang River

Author(s): Yujun Yi; Xi Chen; Caihong Tang

Linked Author(s): Yujun Yi

Keywords: Habitat suitability index model; Tor sinensis; Trend analysis; Lancang River

Abstract: The Lancang-Mekong River, the reach in China is called Lancang River, is the most important international river in Southeast Asia. The Lancang River basin is the area with abundant species resource and biodiverse. As the high hydraulic slope, the mainstream has significant potential as a source of hydropower. Cascade hydropower dams constructed on the mainstream has brought great economic benefit. However, the physical habitat of fishes, include rare species and fishes with economic value, have been affected. The Tor sinensis is an endemic and economically important fish. Considering the spawning characteristics of the fish, a habitat suitability index model (HSI) was established by coupling a one-dimensional (1-D) mathematical model and habitat suitability function. Based on the simulated result of the HSI model, Weighted Usable Areas for adult (WUAd) and spawning (WUAs) were obtained. The simulation result show that dam construction influenced the WUAs by altering the discharge, flow velocity, nutrients, and water quality to some extent. The impacts of reservoir operation on WUAd are significant.


Year: 2013

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