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Sediment Re-Suspension Due to Propeller Wash

Author(s): Chiew Yee-Meng; Hsieh Shih-Chun; Xie Yin; Hong Jian-Hao; Cheng Nian-Sheng

Linked Author(s): Yee Meng Chiew

Keywords: Propeller; Suspended Sediment; Suspended Concentration Profile; Modified Rouse equation

Abstract: When subjected to a strong swirling jet flow induced by a rotating ship’s propeller, the bed of a waterway may undergo significant changes. These changes not only will cause instability to quay structures and damage the protection work of the beds/banks of rivers, canals and seas but also re-suspend the bed particles. The mechanisms of temporal and spatial variations of seabed scour and sediment suspension are investigated in this study. The experimental results of the temporal variation of the maximum scour depth are highly consistent with the data of Hong et al. (2013). Four empirical equations are proposed to estimate the reference suspended sediment concentration and index of the shape of the concentration profile. The proposed modified Rouse equation gives reasonable prediction when compared with the experimental data.


Year: 2013

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