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Study on Optimal Allocation of Water Resources Based on Restructuring of Water Demand and Supply

Author(s): Jin Quan; Yunzhong Jiang; Dawei Zhang

Linked Author(s): Dawei Zhang

Keywords: Water resurces optimal allocation; Water demand management; Industrial restructuring; Restructuring of water supply; Combination evaluation model

Abstract: The Shiyang River is one of the most serious basins confronting the severe water scarcity and eco-environmental issues in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu province, northwestern China. In this investigation, an optimal allocation model of water resources based on restructuring of water demand and supply is developed to find the approach to solve the problem of over-abstracted groundwater resources and irrational development of water-use. A multi-objective fuzzy optimization model for regional planting structure adjustment, an integrated model for regulation and utilization of regional ground and surface water and a combination evaluation model on the optimal selection of water resources allocation strategies are established. Results indicate that, with the optimal allocation model of water resources based on restructuring of water demand and supply, we can optimize the water resources allocation, through integrated using of ground-surface water and regional planting structure adjustment, the using rate of the water resources will be improved, a harmonious development of regional economy, society and environment will be achieved.


Year: 2013

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