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Effect of Combination Between Venturi Tube and Triangular Orifices Plate on Degradation of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Mixture

Author(s): Zhen Zhang; Zhiyong Dong; Qian Xiao; Guowen Xia; Jingjing Hu

Linked Author(s): Zhiyong Dong

Keywords: Hydrodynamic cavitation; Venturi tube; Triangular orifices plate; Hydrophilic and hydrophobic mixture

Abstract: In recent years, with the deepening of research, making use of the hydrodynamic cavitation technology to degrade refractory organic compounds has showed great prospects for development. This paper studied the effect of the hydrodynamic cavitation technology on the degradation of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic mixture. The experiment used the combination of the Venturi tube with triangular orifices plate to generate hydrodynamic cavitation, then compounded the p-nitrophenol and nitrobenzene mixture in the hydrodynamic cavitation reactor tank and started the hydraulic pump to make the wastewater first flow through the Venturi tube, and then the multi-orifice plate section, at last analyzed the degradation rate by the ultraviolet spectrophotometer. The effect of the different flow velocities, orifice numbers, orifice sizes, initial concentrations and wastewater circulation cycle on the degradation of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic mixture were experimentally investigated. The study of the experiment provided a theoretical basis for the use of the combination between Venturi tube and triangular orifices plate to degrade actual industrial wastewater.


Year: 2013

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