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Research of Physically Based Soil Erosion Model Based on GIS

Author(s): Wang Xin; Li Lan

Linked Author(s): Xin Wang

Keywords: Soil erosion; Physically based distributed hydrologic model; LL-IV; GIS

Abstract: Soil erosion is one of the most important factors in basin management. In research, a physically based model was established which would be used to simulate the movement and distribution of water and sediment. LL-IV distributed hydrologic model was used to simulate hydrological cycle. The model is based on theories of hillslope hydrology and hydronamic, and the hydrology circulation was description with convection-diffusion equations and saint-venant equations. The theories of hillslope hydrology, soil erosion and hydrodynamics were applied to this research. GIS data was utilized to extract underlying information and estimate hydrological parameters, which was used to establish scene of basins. Model was applied to ChaBagou river basin belongs to Yellow River Basin and the results proved that the ideal was correct and feasible.


Year: 2013

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