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Characteristics and Utilization of Rainwater in Cities of China

Author(s): Feng Liu; Xiuying Wang; Baiyinbaoligao

Linked Author(s): Baoligao Baiyin, Xiuying Wang

Keywords: Urban rainwater utilization; Rainwater quantity; Rainwater quality; Technology

Abstract: The rapid development of urbanization can promote the interaction between the natural and social water cycle systems, and the rainwater utilization is an impotent part of the social water cycle. Thus rainwater utilization in cities is of significant importance for water security, urban ecosystem health and sustainable development of social economy. Based on the analysis of current research results on rainwater utilization in cities, Beijing, Xi’an, Guangzhou and Urumqi were taken as the research objects to study the characteristics and utilization of rainwater in cities of China. For cities in different regions, the potential quantities of rainwater harvesting were calculated and the quality of rainwater was analyzed. Considering the different characteristics of rainfall and rainwater runoff, the main technologies and countermeasures of rainwater utilization were also discussed. This study can provide a reference for the planning, designing and extension of rainwater utilization system for cities.


Year: 2013

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