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Study on Optimized Scheduling of Cascade Hydropower Stations in Medium and Small Basins

Author(s): Li Yifan; Wang Dekuan; Shi Yuan

Linked Author(s): Yuan Shi

Keywords: Cascade hydropower station; Optimization scheduling; Curse of dimensionlity; Optimization algorithm

Abstract: Following the increasing number of cascade hydropower development and construction projects in medium and small basins, it is necessary to find scientific, efficient, and practical optimization scheduling strategies and methods for large -scale small hydropower station group to avoid the problem of disorderly management and waste of water resources which usually happened in such area. Based on the characteristics of hydropower station group in medium and small basins, this paper discussed factors need consider for optimal scheduling, presented the methods to simplify this complex nonlinear combinatorial optimization problem and the optimization criterion for cascade hydropower stations in medium and small basins.


Year: 2013

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