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Hydrodynamic Performance Characteristics of a Double Chamber Oscillating Water Column Device

Author(s): Wilbert. R.; Sundar. V.; Sannasiraj. S. A.

Linked Author(s): Sannasi Annamalaisamy Sannasiraj, Vallam Sundar

Keywords: Wave energy; Air pressure; Hydrodynamic power; Damping; OWC; Double chamber

Abstract: Double chamber oscillating water column device for the extraction of energy from ocean waves is a concept developed by providing an additional duct in front of the conventional oscillating water column. Herein the water enters the oscillating chamber through a front duct. The conceptual design is based on the hypothesis that the front duct initiates flow in to the device due to the dynamic pressure under the ocean waves near its free surface. In this paper, a review of previous works on the Oscillating Water Column devices (OWC) has been presented. A number of model parameters controlling its configuration and wave parameters dictate the efficiency of the Double Chamber OWC (DCOWC) device. A well controlled experimental program by considering a wide range of parameters is taken up to draw conclusions from a detailed analysis of the results from regular wave tests. The efficiency of the system, the ratio of hydrodynamic power to wave energy flux is reported as a function of relative opening depth, relative wave heights and frequency parameter.


Year: 2013

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