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Physical Model Tests for the Construction Stages of Large Breakwaters. the Cases of the Enlargements to the Ports of Barcelona and Coruña. (Spain)

Author(s): R. Gutierrez Serret; J. Lozano Pedroche

Linked Author(s): Ramón Gutiérrez Serret

Keywords: Breakwaters; Construction stages; Physical models; Coruna and Barcelona Ports

Abstract: Physical models are employees usually for testing and optimization final breakwaters designs. However, its application to stages construction is less common; nevertheless its use facilitates the design of these stages, as well as works safety works. Given this situation, the current paper provides an overview of possibilities that physical experimentation has in breakwaters construction, by exposing two relevant examples conducted at CEDEX: Barcelona and Coruna port enlargements.


Year: 2013

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