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Study of Blockage Effect on Scouring Pattern Downstream of a Box Culvert Under Unsteady Flow

Author(s): Sayana Sorourian; Alireza Keshavarzi; James Ball; Bijan Samali

Linked Author(s): James Ball

Keywords: Box-culvert; Scouring; Unsteady; Blockage; Non-cohesive material

Abstract: This experimental study is concerning with the scouring at the outlet of a partially blocked box culverts under unsteady flow condition. The blockage of culverts has considered as an important factor on the scouring pattern at the outlet of the blocked box culverts. To investigate the effect of blockage on scouring pattern at the downstream of box culvert under unsteady flow, some experimental tests were carried out in a laboratory flume located in the Hydraulic Laboratory of University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The experimental tests were carried under partially blocked and non-blocked conditions and consequentially the effect of blockage on scour pattern is investigated. It was found that 88% to 98% of maximum scour depth occurs in the rising limb of the hydrograph.


Year: 2013

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