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The Computational Analysis and Model Test Study of the Stilling- Basin with Step-Down Floor

Author(s): Zhijuan Wang; Bole Jiang; Guobing Huang

Linked Author(s): Guobing Huang

Keywords: Step-down Floor; Stilling Basin; 2D Numerical Simulation; Velocity Near the Bottom; Model Test 1

Abstract: The stilling basin with step-down floor is more and more popular in the high water head discharge structure because of its high energy dissipation efficiency and well-adaption, while, this kind of energy dissipation pattern may also have the problem of big velocity near the bottom of stilling-basin according to a lot achievements in scientific research, and this will threaten the safety of the stilling basin. In this paper, we found the angle of the flow and the height of the step-down floor were the two crucial factors to the velocity by some computational analysis and comparison on the model test. The research findings showed that adding a horizontal platformform after the reversed arc could reduce the velocity near the bottom obviously. Then, we wish these findings can afford some reference to the discharge stucture design work.


Year: 2013

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