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Experimental Study of Hydraulic Characteristics on Dovetail-Shaped Flip Bucket

Author(s): Yongting Deng; Jun Deng; Wangru Wei; Xiaoyan Qian

Linked Author(s): Wangru Wei, Jun Deng

Keywords: Experimental study; Dovetail-shaped flip bucket; Takeoff and deflection angle; Pressure; Jet trajectory

Abstract: Flip buckets are commonly employed to dissipate energy by discharging flow away from the dam toe into a plunge pool or a river channel. Dovetail-shaped flip bucket is a novel design type to be considered. For its sidewalls pressure is smaller when compared with slit-type flip-bucket, it could effectively reduce the difficulties in design and construction. However, the research of this bucket is at the preliminary stage. This experimental study investigates the hydraulic characteristics of the dovetail-shaped flip bucket. The following items are addressed: (1) configuration of the jet flow including streamwise extension and vertical dispersion of the nappe; (2) takeoff angle characteristics as a function of changes of deflection angle of the bucket; (3) relation between the bucket geometries and horizontal distances of upper and lower nappe profiles; (4) pressure distributions on the bottom board and sidewalls. The results indicate that the dissipation capability of the jet flow is still practical with a smaller parameter R/hc, and demonstrate the significant difference between deflection angle and takeoff angle. Additionally, the effects of the deflection angle θ1, the relative notch width B1/B and the bucket radius R are in agreement with previous results.


Year: 2013

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