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PIV Measurements of Fluid and Particle Velocity Fields of a Sediment-Laden Buoyant Jet

Author(s): Peng Liu; Kit Ming Lam

Linked Author(s): Kit Ming Lam

Keywords: Sediment-laden; Buoyant jet; Two-phase; PIV; Fluorescent particles

Abstract: A horizontally discharging buoyant jet laden with sediment particles is studied by two-phase PIV. It is observed that buoyancy takes the main role of governing the flow mechanisms in the bending zone, where the locations of maximum velocity magnitude and those of maximum turbulence intensity become separated. Notably, particle abundance and high turbulence intensity coincidently reside in the lower outer layer in this zone. In the momentum-dominated zone, the action of buoyancy changes the cross-sectional profiles of fluid velocity and the jet trajectory is slightly bent upwards from the initial horizontal direction. Turbulence inside the jet plays the role of reducing the settling velocity of the particles and particle suspension.


Year: 2013

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