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"Weirs" in Chengdu Plain During the Different Historical Periods and Value Analyses

Author(s): Xu-Ming Tan; Jun Deng

Linked Author(s): Jun Deng

Keywords: Dujiang weir; Weir; Irrigational plan; Hydraulic structure; Scientific value

Abstract: For about 2000 years, the river system composed by and derived from weirs in water resources regions of Dujiang Weir, met the needs of water supply, irrigation and flood diversion of Chengdu Plain, and played multifunctional role in flood control and transportation. On the basis of field investigation data of the 1930s, this paper emphasized the planning and hydraulic structure types, summarized and analyzed the features and operation mechanism of the weirs. Then, this paper illustrates that the traditional water engineering buildings still provide reference for modern in their scientific connotation. The vitality of modern water science should come from new planning and design concept of natural river system restoration and protection, and should continuously benefit human kind but not destroy the natural environments. Revealing the scientific values in planning and engineering building types using new research methods, and scientific nutrient from ancient water engineering, will promote water engineering and encouraging the production of ecotype water engineering buildings and materials.


Year: 2013

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