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Scour Morphology Around Bridge Abutmentswith Non-Uniform Sediment Under Ice Cover

Author(s): Peng Wu; Faye Hirshfield; Jueyi Sui

Linked Author(s): PENG WU

Keywords: Ice cover; Armor layer; Local scour; Bridge abutment; Non-uniform sediment

Abstract: This paper presents the results from two experimental flume studies on the local scour morphology around semi-circular bridge abutments. The first experiment was conducted in a small-scale open channel flume with artificial non-uniform sedimentThe second experimentwasconducted with a simulated ice cover with natural non-uniform sediment in a large-scale open channel flumeIn open channels, around the semi-circular abutments, both water velocity and sediment grain-size were found to have an influence on the maximum scour depth. It was observed that the scour holesthat developed an armor layer were larger than scour holes that did not develop an armor layer. Under ice covered conditions, the water velocity profileis significantly changed by the boundary condition. The samples from different locations around the abutment under the ice cover in the large scale flume were sieved and analyzed. The scour morphology and scour pattern were compared between small scale flume and large scale flume experiments.


Year: 2013

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