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Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Structure in a Deep Reservoir

Author(s): Guangning Li; Chen Zhang; Xueping Gao

Linked Author(s): Chen Zhang, Xueping Gao

Keywords: Deep reservoir; Thermal stratification; Solar radiation; Numerical simulation

Abstract: Most deep reservoirs are inclined to form temperature stratification, which will change the water temperature significantly and bring disadvantage to the water environment. In this study, a three-dimensional numerical model was developed to simulate the water temperature distribution of a reservoir, and aσ-coordinate system was used to better adapt to the complex conditions of bottom topography of the reservoir. The numerical model was verified through stratified current experimental data. The temperature distribution of the reservoir in a typical year was predicted. The needed input data to run the model are meteorological data (solar radiation, wind, cloud cover, rainfall, etc. ), geometrical characteristics of the reservoir, and the characteristics of inflow (flow, water temperature). The results demonstrate that the model can be used to simulate the temperature distribution of reservoir, and the creation of thermal stratification in warm months of the year is a natural trend in the reservoir, and this will disappear when the weather becomes cold.


Year: 2013

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