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The Research on the Influence Factors and Calculation Method of Vertical Slot Fishway’s Velocity

Author(s): Zhonghua Li; Yaan Hu

Linked Author(s): Yaan Hu

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Abstract: The vertical slot fishway is the most widely used type of the fishway, whose energy dissipation effect is abundant but flow pattern is complex. To the vertical slot fishway hydraulic modes, the dimension of clapboard and pool are the main influence factors, which affect the flow pattern and velocity directly. However, the traditional design flow velocity equation only considered the influence of the water head between adjacent pools and ignored the influence of the dimension of slot and pool, leading to the calculation velocity results are smaller than the measured ones. In view of the above shortcomings, this paper establishes a vertical slot fishway generalized model and investigates the influence of bottom slope, slot width, pool dimension, etc. to the pool hydraulic characteristic by adopting the three-dimensional numerical simulation. Furthermore the relationship between the slope, slot width, pool dimension and design velocity is established, a new calculation equation of vertical slot fishway velocity is proposed, and verified by the measured velocity data of the fishway already built. The verification shows that the calculation results of the fishway velocity equation raised agree with the measured velocity much better, therefore it’s reasonable and feasible to design the fishway using this equation.


Year: 2013

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