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Water Cycling and Replacing Strategy Study for Interconnected Water System Network in Tianjin Binhai New Area

Author(s): Wenyuan Fei; Jijian Lian; Kui Xu; Chao Ma

Linked Author(s): Jijian Lian, Chao Ma, Chao Ma

Keywords: Urban artificial water system; Network structure; Water circulation; Water replacement; Collision of flows

Abstract: As a closure slow-flow water body, urban artificial water system is vulnerable to the pollutant enrichment and the deterioration of water quality. To improve and restore water quality, hydrodynamic measures such as water circulation and water replacement have become an issue in recent years. This paper aims to propose an effective measure for the interconnected water system network in Tianjin Binhai area. In particular, the reticular structure complicates hydrodynamic conditions and increases complexity of water circulation and water replacement. A two-dimensional model coupling hydrodynamic with water quality is employed to analyze the flow movement and the characteristic of pollutant distribution. Based on the different abstraction programs that vary from flow quantity and project layout, the reasonable principles of water circulation and replacement are put forward. Furthermore, the results show that adjusting the combined variables of circulating pump stations flow could avoid the collision of flows and dead water areas, which improve the water quality effectively. In terms of water replacement, arranging the inlets and outlets in the same direction is efficient. Although the study water system possesses multiple inlets and outlets, the distribution of the end-time pollutants shows that water is also well replaced by taking the strategy that inflow is equal to outflow in a replac ing cycle. This study provides useful information for a better understanding of the complex hydrodynamic and pollutant transport processes in the urban artificial water system, which is important for the water system planning in the region.


Year: 2013

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