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The Water-Wings and Its Weakening Methods Downstream of the Bottom Discharge Outlets of High Dams

Author(s): Zhu Yaqin; Zhang Faxing; Xu Weilin; Liu Shanjun; Deng Jun

Linked Author(s): Jun Deng, Shanjun LIU, Faxing Zhang

Keywords: Hydraulics; Deep discharge outlet; Radial gate; Sudden lateral enlargement; Water-wings

Abstract: The water-wings are the specific flowing phenomena which occurred frequently at the discharge structure in hydraulic and hydro-electric engineering project. Some types of water-wings will cause harmful effects on the hydraulic structures or its normal operation. The large scale hydraulic model tests and turbulence numerical simulation technique were employed to investigate the water-wings hydraulic characteristics downstream of the bottom (high-head) discharge outlets with sudden lateral enlargement in a high arc dam. The causes and influence factors of water-wings strength were analyzed. The water-wings weakening methods, such as modifying the layout of the deep discharge outlet, were carried out. A new deep discharge outlet type with upstream planar spread layout was proposed and it can weaken the water-wings strength effectively.


Year: 2013

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