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Effects of Sediment Main Compositions on Particle Surface Properties and Phosphorus Adsorption

Author(s): Yang Xiao; Xiaolian Zhu; Haoke Cheng; Weiwei Yu; Wenhai Zhang; Hongwu Tang

Linked Author(s): Yang Xiao, Wenhai Zhang, Hongwu Tang

Keywords: Sediment composition; Selective extraction; Surface properties; Phosphorus; Adsorption

Abstract: The sediment samples that were taken from Jiangxin Island, Nanjing Reach of the Yangtze River, China, were used to investigate the effects of sediment compositions on particle surface properties and phosphorus (P) adsorption characteristics, such as Fe/Mn oxides, organic matter (OM) and residues. After classifying the particles within the samples, a selective chemical extraction technique was employed to extract one or more components from these samples. The adsorption isotherm of dissolved P was estimated via the modified Langmuir equation. The experimental results indicate that the particulate and surface characteristics of the sediment samples, such as the median particle diameter, specific surface area and pore volume decreased after each extraction. The adsorption equilibrium test showed that the maximum sorption capacities of all the extracted sediments reduced. These results will help us further understand the effects of sediment compositions on phosphorus adsorption mechanism in aquatic environments.


Year: 2013

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