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A Catchment Based Approach to Quantifying Agriculture and Livestock Virtual Water in Floodplains of Huaihe River Basin—A Case Study in Funan County

Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang

Linked Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang

Keywords: Virtual water; Agriculture; Livestock; Funan County

Abstract: This article based on the theory of virtual water, analyzes the agriculture and livestock virtual water production and exports in Funan County, located in the middle reaches of the Huaihe River Basin. The results show that the agricultural virtual water of the Funan County rendering export state, while livestock virtual water, instead of exporting, it circulates within the county itself. Meanwhile, virtual water production of livestock is remarkably higher than agriculture. These results will further promote the structural adjustment of agriculture and livestock water use, foster reasonable policies for water management and develop better flood resources storage, purification and utilization researches.


Year: 2013

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