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Experimental Study on a Vertical Jet in a Wave and Current Co-Existing Environment

Author(s): Yana Wang; Zhenshan Xu; Yongping Chen; Changkuan Zhang

Linked Author(s): Yongping Chen, Changkuan Zhang

Keywords: Vertical jet; Experimental study; Flow pattern; Turbulent intensity; Combined wave and current actions

Abstract: A vertical jet in a wave and current co-existing environment, as a simplified model for the disposal of wastewater into coastal waters, is experimentally investigated in this study. A high-speed camera is used to record the jet instantaneous movement and a set of ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) system is used to measure the jet’s 3D velocity profiles point by point. Through analysis of the instantaneous and mean flow patterns as well as the turbulent intensity profiles of the jet, the conclusions are made as follows: 1) Under the combined action of waves and current, the jet will appear the oscillation pattern other than the bending-over pattern as that under the current action only; 2) The jet boundary is virtually broadened due to the additional wave actions; 3) The turbulence intensity is enhanced by the wave motion, resulting in a stronger bending of mean flow patterns in the wave-current co-existing environment. It is believed that the combined effects of wave and current will considerably enhance the jet initial mixing processes and increase the jet initial dilution correspondingly.


Year: 2013

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