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Parameter Sensitivity of the SKM in Vegetated Compound Channels

Author(s): Jiang Beihan; Yang Kejun; Cao Shuyou; Chen Liang

Linked Author(s): Kejun Yang

Keywords: Compound channel; Vegetation; SKM; Velocity distribution; Sensitivity

Abstract: Based on the local analysis method, one lateral distribution of depth average velocity model in vegetated compound channel (SKM) has been selected to study the sensitivity of three important parameters (drag force coefficient, eddy viscosity coefficient and secondary flow coefficient) to the cross-section velocity and flow capacity. Results show SKM is more sensitive to the main channel area than the floodplain area. The sensitivity to cross-section velocity of change the parameter value in the main channel are larger than to the flow capacity, and change the the parameter value in the floodplain is the opposite. To SKM in vegetated channels, on the simulaiton of both velocity and flow capacity, the secondary flow coefficient should not be neglected. The parameters of main channel are more important than the floodplain, so should be calibrated first and carefully.


Year: 2013

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