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Dynamic, One-Dimensional Water Quality Model for Gradually Varied Subcritical Flows in General Channel Networks

Author(s): Dejun Zhu; Yongcan Chen; Zhaowei Liu

Linked Author(s): Yongcan Chen, Zhaowei Liu, Dejun Zhu

Keywords: Environmental hydraulics; Hydrodynamic-water quality numerical model; JPWSPC method; Improved Holly-Preissmann scheme; River networks

Abstract: The paper reports a one dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model for river networks, in which the theory of characteristics is utilized in the hydraulic module to treat backwater effects at the junctions and treat connecting conditions at the control structures contained in the networks. The Saint-Venant equations are discretized using the Preissmann scheme, and the resulting nonlinear equation system is solved using the Newton-Raphson method. An operator-splitting method is employed to separately treat the advective, source (sink), and longitudinal dispersion terms of the pollutant transport equation in the water quality module. The advective term in the pollutant transport equation is discretized using the explicit fourth-order improved Holly-Preissmann scheme; the dispersion term and the source (sink) term are treated implicitly and explicitly respectively. The model is applicable to flows in both non-looped and looped networks, and no specific node-numbering is needed. The model is validated using an example, and the results are satisfactory, which indicates the validity of the model for hydraulic and water quality modeling in general river and channel networks.


Year: 2013

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