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Tidal Current Estimation During Algal Bloom

Author(s): Yingwei Wang; T. M. Wong; Chao Cai; K. M. Lam; Aiguo Qian

Linked Author(s): Kit Ming Lam

Keywords: Hydrodynamic Model; Flushing Rate; Algal Bloom 1

Abstract: EFDC was used to study the tidal flushing rate and the vertical diffusivity during algal bloom in a semi-disclosed bay. A method is proposed to forecast the representative tidal current for the study sites using tidal range and wind speed of the day. The model results show that tidal current in the bay is generally small in the order of 5 cm/s, resulting in a flushing time of 40 days. Equations are also established based on tidal range and wind speed. The tidal current which is needed for estimation of the vertical turbulent diffusivity that controls whether a bloom can form could be readily estimated.


Year: 2013

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