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Study on Vertical Structure of Algal and Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics During Red Tide

Author(s): Chao Cai; Aiguo Qian; T. M. Wong; K. M. Lam; Yingwei Wang

Linked Author(s): Kit Ming Lam

Keywords: Red tide; Algal; Dissolved Oxygen; Vertical structure; Hydro-ecology model

Abstract: A hydro-ecology model is established to forecast algal growth during red tide based on factors of hydrodynamics and aquatic biology. The box model is modified to a vertical structure model based on algal and dissolved oxygen dynamics during red tide. The vertical structure model is verified with field measurement during red tide in Kat O. From the model, it is observed that there is an obvious vertical migration during red tide. The dissolved oxygen concentration decreases for increased growth rate and respiration. The model has shown to be a useful tool to understand algal dynamics, and is expected to give a better reference for studying the mechanism of red tide. The simple model can also serve as an engine of a more elaborate early warning system for algal bloom.


Year: 2013

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