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Effects of Physical Properties on Movement for Non-Homogeneous Debris Flow at Jiangjia Gully

Author(s): Anping Shu; Xin Zhang; Jing Gao; Guosheng Duan; Huali Pan

Linked Author(s): Xin Zhang, Jing Gao

Keywords: Non-homogeneous debris flow; Physical properties; Movement

Abstract: Debris flow with wide grain size gradation, high unit weight, and non-uniformity of both flowing resistance and velocity occurs frequently at Jiangjia gully of Dongchuan area, in Kunming City of Yunnan Province, which is called as non-homogeneous debris flow and behaves with the properties of solid-liquid two-phase flows. This study has simulated the occurrence of natural debris flow by blocking up water flow from the upper reaches of a branch at Jiangjia gully. By field investigation and experiments, physical properties such as the grain size gradations of circulation zones and unit weight are analyzed synthetically to find out their effects on movement for non-homogeneous debris flow. Furthermore, this study will combine with the critical value 2. 234 t/m3 of unit weight revealed before in our research, which means that flowing velocities of solid phase and liquid phase behave with opposite disciplines with a unit weight larger than 2. 234 t/m3 and lower than 2. 234 t/m3. The research helps both investigating mechanism of non-homogeneous debris flow and designing debris flow disaster control projects.


Year: 2013

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