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Scale Model of Overtopping of Waves Propagating Laterally to a Structure

Author(s): Elodie Gagnaire-Renou; Damien Violeau; Jean-Romain Delisle; Michel Benoit

Linked Author(s): Damien Violeau

Keywords: Waves; Dyke; Seawall; Overtopping; Scale model

Abstract: The overtopping over a seawall or dyke by a wave train propagating laterally to those (90° incidence) is poorly documented in the scientific literature. In order to improve our knowledge about this phenomenon, a physical model was built in a wave basin. This work presents the design of the scale model and the analysis of measurements. The phenomenology of lateral overtopping is displayed on dimensional grounds. A theoretical approach, based on simplified assumptions, is proposed and compared to the measurements given by the scale model. Two waterworks were built in order to be tested simultaneously: a vertical wall and a dyke with slope 1: 3. Model tests were done under regular and irregular waves. As for the overtopping rates on the vertical wall side, the results are consistent with the simplistic theoretical approach and show a similar magnitude. On the dyke side, the overtopping rates are much smaller for regular waves and an upper bound was found for irregular waves.


Year: 2013

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