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A Momentum Integral Model for Vertical Jet in Wavy Environment

Author(s): Fei Hu; Yongping Chen; Changkuan Zhang

Linked Author(s): Yongping Chen, Changkuan Zhang

Keywords: Wavy environment; Vertical jet; Momentum integral model; Wave-forced entrainment

Abstract: A momentum integral model is developed to predict the hydrodynamic behaviours of a vertical jet in the wavy environment. The transverse profiles of jet velocity are assumed to be Gaussian-type profile, while the entrainment function is modified to account for the wave effect. Based on the assumption that the jet flow field is at 'instantaneously' steady state, the Lagrange tracking method and the fourth-order R-K approach are adopted to solve the governing equations. A vertical jet in regular waves is simulated by use of the model. The results show that the entrainment effect is significantly enhanced under the wave action, resulting in a faster decay of centerline velocity and a larger jet half-width, compared to the jet in stagnant environment. Those findings are consistent with the results obtained from the previous experimental and numerical studies in the literature.


Year: 2013

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