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Research on Hydraulic Characteristics and Energy Dissipation of New Shape Overflow Dam

Author(s): Hongliang Sun; Yakun Liu; Le Zhou; Yunlong Su

Linked Author(s): Yakun Liu

Keywords: Overflow dam; Energy dissipation by underflow; Shape optimization; Hydraulic elements; Stilling pool

Abstract: In this paper, in the case of adopting underflow energy dissipation to lower the apron elevation to form the stilling pool, combining with a certain hydraulic engineering of overflow dam, the author has analyzed hydraulic elements of the downstream stilling pool of both general shape overflow dam and optimized shape overflow dam by fundamental hydraulic computation. The results show that both the length and depth of the stilling pool decrease remarkably after optimizing the shape of the overflow dam, which contributes to saving the engineering investment by greatly reducing the amount of concrete used in the dam body and the excavation volume of the stilling pool. The hydraulic model experiment shows that the flow regime in the optimized stilling pool is good, and the experimental results coincide with the calculation results well.


Year: 2013

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