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Public Safety and Unauthorized Extreme Activities at Spillways

Author(s): S. L. Barfuss; B. M. Crookston

Linked Author(s): Steven L. Barfuss, PE

Keywords: Public safety; Security of hydraulic structures; Illegal activities; Dams; Spillways; Accidents and fatalities

Abstract: One very important purpose for reservoirs is the recreational opportunities they provide to the general public. Unfortunately, some people engage in highly dangerous or extreme activities at dams and spillways that occasionally result in severe injury or death. In addition, some individuals purposely choose to ignore signage and safety fencing in order to access spillways and other hydraulic structures at the dam. Social media has become a means for advertising extreme activities that often occur on the physical structures at dams and spillways like surfing, wakeboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, skating, biking, diving, sliding, climbing, skateboarding, kayaking, wading and jumping. This only encourages others to’copy cat’the activity, thereby endangering their own selves in the activity. This paper discusses the types of activities that are occurring at reservoirs, dams, and spillways and some suggestions for protecting the general public.


Year: 2018

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