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Envelope Trajectory of Water Jet Issuing from a Thin Weir Obtained by Photogrammetry

Author(s): Y. Bercovitz; W. Barrey; F. Lebert; C. Buvat

Linked Author(s): Yvan BERCOVITZ

Keywords: Photogrammetry; Jet; Weir

Abstract: Today, to have a good command of the energy dissipation of a jet issuing from a weir, we need to improve our knowledge of the location of the impact. This laboratory experiment applied photogrammetry to determine the envelope trajectory of a water jet coming from a thin wall weir. The fallwas about 9 meters, the weirwas 1 meter wide, and the flowwas up to 500 l/s. The trajectory of the jet was reconstituted in the three spatial dimensions using the PhotoScan software package developed by Agisoft. The exposure time for each picture was enough to make white water. Envelope trajectory was compared to classical expressions such as those of Scimeni (1937) or De Marchi (1928).


Year: 2018

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