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Study of Pollutant Transport in Environmental Flows Using Depth-Averaged Random Walk Method

Author(s): Xuefei Wu; Fan Yang; Dongfang Liang

Linked Author(s): Xuefei Wu, Dongfang Liang

Keywords: Depth-averaged flows; Pollutant transport; Advection-diffusion equation; Random walk method

Abstract: A depth-averaged random walk scheme is applied to investigate the process of solute transport, including advection, diffusions and reaction. Firstly, the model is used to solve an instantaneous release problem in a uniform flow, for which analytical solutions exist. Its performance is examined by comparing numerical predictions with analytical solutions. The advantage of the random walk model includes high accuracy and small numerical diffusion. Extensive parametric studies are carried out to investigate the sensitivity of the predictions to the number of particles. The result reveals that the particle number influences the accuracy of the model significantly. Finally, the model is applied to track a pollutant cloud in the Thames Estuary, where the domain geometry and bed elevation are complex. The present model is free of fictitious oscillations close to sharp concentration gradients and displays encouraging efficiency and accuracy in solving the solute transport problems in a natural aquatic environment.


Year: 2018

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