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Implications of Land Use Change on River Flow in South West England

Author(s): Lorena Liuzzo; Gabriele Freni

Linked Author(s): Gabriele Freni

Keywords: Land use scenarios; Rainfall-runoff modelling; Water resources

Abstract: Assessing the impacts of future changes in land use on the hydrological cycle is an important issue for the proper management of water resources, since land use changes have implications on both water quantity and quality. Land use changes, in particular the expansion of urban areas, can significantly affect river flow increasing flood risk, whereas, the development of woodland areas could have positive effects on the reduction of peak flow. The present study has been carried out to assess and quantify the impact of land use changes on the water resources of a river basin located in South West England. With this aim, a hydrological model has been applied to some land use scenarios. In particular, two scenarios have been investigated: the first includes the increase of agricultural areas and the decrease of woodlands, the second includes the increase of urban areas and the decrease of woodlands. Results showed that, in the area of study, river flow would likely to be affected by future land use changes, mainly in the case of urban areas increase.


Year: 2018

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