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1D Model v.s. 2D Model for Flooding Events

Author(s): M. Morales-Hernandez; I. Echeverribar; P. Garcia-Navarro; P. Brufau

Linked Author(s): Pilar García-Navarro

Keywords: 1D shallow water; 2D shallow water; Flooding; GPU computing

Abstract: One dimensional (1D) shallow water models are widely used for prediction purposes to assess and help river basin administrations and public authorities in the decision-making process. However, their results can be inaccurate since the hypotheses underlying the 1D model are not satisfied during flooding events. On the other hand, two dimensional (2D) models offer more information to follow the inundation process and the flow properties over floodplains. Despite the well-known higher computational cost of 2D models, they have gained popularity since they can be implemented under GPU cards that allow faster computations, providing more information than 1D models. In this work, two flooding events in the Ebro River (Spain) are analyzed to evaluate the performance of both 1D and 2D shallow water models.


Year: 2018

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