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Simulation of Floating Debris in Violent Shallow Flows

Author(s): Yan Xiong; Samantha Mahaffey; Qiuhua Liang

Linked Author(s): Qiuhua Liang

Keywords: Coupled model; Discrete element model; Extreme hydraulic conditions; Floating debris; Flume experiments

Abstract: Storm surge and tsunami may induce violent shallow flows and carry dense debris, causing tremendous damage to human lives, buildings and structures. This work presents a series of laboratory experiments to investigate the debris movement in the extreme flows. Subsequently, a new modeling tool featured with a finite volume shock-capturing hydrodynamic model fully coupled with a discrete element model is introduced. A new coupling method totally depending on the hydrodynamic characteristics is proposed to simulate the complex debris-enriched floods induced by tsunamis or storm surges. The experimental measurements are used to validate the reliability of the coupled model. The numerical results agree satisfactorily with the experimental measurements, demonstrating the model’s capability in simulating the complex fluid-debris interactions induced by violent shallow flows.


Year: 2018

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