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China National Flash Flood Disasters Investigation and Assessment

Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang; Liang Guo; Ronghua Liu; Qi Liu; Qiuling Yao; Yesen Liu; Huili Zhang; Yali Wang; Rong Zhou

Linked Author(s): Ronghua Liu, Xiaolei Zhang

Keywords: Data summary; Flash flood disasters; Flood mitigation and disaster relief; Investigation and assessment; Spatial distribution

Abstract: National Flash Flood Disasters Investigation and Assessment project is the largest nonengineering projects in water conservancy industry in China, and also the largest scale of general census on disasters’background in flood management and mitigation fields. Through general census, on-site investigation, field measurement, hydrological analysis and calculation, the spatial distribution, human settlement, underground situations, social and economic impacts, hazard zoning, warning indicators of flash flood disasters were collected, the storm flood characters in mountainous areas were analyzed, the flood control ability of selected villages were assessed, the critical rainfall index of these villages were obtained, and the hazard zones were finally identified, all of which provided a strong information support for flash flood early-warning and forecast and residential safety transfer. This paper systematically introduced the key technical focuses, made a general review on the data and information collected, and discussed the spatial distribution pattern of these elements. Based on these survey data, the characteristics of flash flood disaster prevention areas, the human settlement features and storm flood spatial distribution situation were further analyzed. In the end of this paper, future application and analysis on diversified utilization of national flash flood disasters investigation and assessment results were proposed.


Year: 2018

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