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Short-Term Reservoir System Operation for Flood Mitigation with 1D Hydraulic Model

Author(s): Thanh Hao Nguyen; Philippe Gourbesville; Ngoc Duong Vo

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Damage mitigation; Flood disaster; Mike 11 model; Reservoir operation

Abstract: Artificial reservoir operation is expected to affect significantly the flood disaster. It becomes more complicatedly towards the large systems where the operation of each reservoir has to meet fully with the systematic objective. Consequently, reservoir operation optimization is considered as a key factor to control the flood disaster at downstream area. Due to energy demand, more than twenty hydropower plants have been constructed over 10,350 km2 of Vu Gia Thu Bon river catchments. The system has contributed importantly for economy development when provides annually a green electrical quantity up to 6 Terawatt-hour (TWh). Therefore, operation of system has still several limitations. It is judged to make the natural disaster increase in recent years. In order to reduce negative impacts of artificial reservoir system, four largest reservoirs are selected to simulate in this study. The simulation is carried out via Structure Control (SO) module of MIKE11 model (DHI). The performance of operational scenario is demonstrated via the relation with the water level at two stations. The study is expected to provide an overview of the impact of artificial reservoir operation to flood disasters, as well as propose a new strategy to operate optimally the hydropower plants in Vu Gia Thu Bon catchments.


Year: 2018

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