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Towards Transient Experimental Water Surfaces: Strengthening Two-Dimensional SW Model Validation

Author(s): S. Martinez-Aranda; J. Fernandez-Pato; D. Caviedes-Voullieme; I. Garcia-Palacin; P. Garcia-Navarro

Linked Author(s): Pilar García-Navarro

Keywords: 3D-sensing device; Finite volume method; Water free-surface depth; Open channel flow

Abstract: The measurement and simulation of 2D free-surface shallow flows is carried out in this work. For the experimental study a 3D-sensing device (Microsoft Kinect) is used to measure both steady and transient water surface elevation fields with different flow characteristics. This procedure provides 640x480 px resolution water surface level point clouds with a frequency ranging from 8 Hz to 30 Hz. The experimental measurements are compared with 2D finite volume simulations carried out by means of a robust and well-balanced numerical scheme able to deal with flow regime transitions and wet/dry fronts. A good agreement is found between experimental and numerical results for all the cases studied, demonstrating the capability of the RGB-D sensor to capture the water free-surface position accurately. This new experimental technique, which allows us to obtain 2D water depth fields in open-channel flows, leads to a wide range of promising capabilities in order to validate new shallow water models and to improve their accuracy and performance.


Year: 2018

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