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Multi-Source Flood Modelling with Defence Failure Scenarios Adaptive to Various Hydraulic Conditions

Author(s): Xiaodong Ming; Qiuhua Liang; Xilin Xia; Richard Dawson

Linked Author(s): Qiuhua Liang

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Abstract: The populated coastal or riverside region is normally protected by flood defence facilities. Modern flood risk models that analyse the probabilities of extreme hydraulic loads should also consider the probabilistic reliability of flood defence system. Multihazard floods that caused by extreme river flow and tidal surge are simulated under various scenarios of defence failure using a recent high-performance numeric model. The impact of failing time and location of flood defence are investigated for five different regions at the downstream Thames catchment, UK. The joint return period of flow and surge is analyzed according to their dependence and then used to generate a series of extreme joint events that are input as boundary conditions in the hydrodynamic model. The function relations are built to quantify the probability of occurrence of flood inundation at each 20m-grid inside the simulating domain. High-resolution hazard maps will be produced to provide accurate inundation prediction for risk analysis.


Year: 2018

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