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Distributed Hydrological Model Application for Estimating the Groundwater Resource at Cu de River Catchment, Viet Nam

Author(s): Ngoc Duong Vo; Quang Binh Nguyen; Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Cu De river catchment; Groundwater spatial distribution; Groundwater flow process; Groundwater recharged volume; Deterministic distributed hydrological

Abstract: Groundwater is a fundamental component in the water balance of any watershed. It affects considerably on flow regime, especially on base flow. However, it is not easy to survey this component, notably towards the lack of data catchment and developping countries. This study is to present a new approach to overcome the limitation in simulating the ground water. By using the deterministic distributed hydrological model, the study is hope to provide basic information about ground water for a catchment in Vietnam coastal central region, Cu De river catchment. The modelling is realized for an area of 425.2 km2 in period of 2006–2010. The results are analyzed in many aspects such as: groundwater spatial distribution, groundwater flow process, groundwater storage, and groundwater recharged volume.


Year: 2018

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