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Improving Water Level Forecast of an Oceanographic Model in Malacca Strait Based on Data-Driven Open Boundary Correction

Author(s): Xuan Wang; Serene Hui Xin Tay; Vladan Babovic

Linked Author(s): Vladan Babovic

Keywords: Boundary correction; Data assimilation; Hydrodynamic model; Forecast

Abstract: Numerical model is an indispensable tool for understanding oceanographic phenomena and resolving associated physical processes. However, model error cannot be avoided due to limitations such as underlying assumption, insufficient information of bathymetry or boundary condition and so on. Data assimilation technique thus becomes an effective and essential tool to improve prediction accuracy. Updating of output is an efficient way to correct the model, but it is often carried out locally at specific locations in the model domain where measurement is available. In this study, instead of correcting output of numerical model locally, we propose to combine local correction and input correction to update open boundary of numerical model. The open boundary condition is corrected through spatial interpolation algorithm based on nearby observation in the hindcast period. Then the local forecast at measured location is distributed using the same interpolation scheme to update the boundary in the forecast period. Such boundary correction not only explores the variation in the future time step from the input updating but also allows the backbone physics embedded in numerical model to resolve the hydrodynamics in the entire computational domain.


Year: 2018

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