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Numerical Simulation of the Land Use Effect on Catchment Flood Mitigation

Author(s): Kaihua Guo; Jingming Hou; Feifei Liu; Yangwei Zhang

Linked Author(s): ZHANG Yangwei, Jingming Hou, GUO Kaihua, LIU Feifei

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Abstract: Land use has significant impact on the hydrologic and hydraulic processes in a catchment. This work applies a hydrodynamic based numerical model to quantitatively investigate the land use effect on the flood patterns under various rainfall and terrain conditions in an ideal V-shaped catchment and a realistic catchment, indicating the land use could considerably affect the rainfall-flood process and such effect varies with the catchment terrain, land use scenario and the rainfall events. The rainfall-flood process is less sensitive for the side slope than the channel slope. For a channel slope lower than the critical value determined as 0.035-0.040 in this work, the forest located in the middle of the catchment slope could most effectively attenuate the flood peak. When the channel slope is higher than the critical one, forest located in the downstream of the catchment could most significantly mitigate the peak discharge. Moreover, the attenuation effect becomes more obvious as the rainfall becomes heavier. The research can help more reasonably guide the land use plan related to flood risk.


Year: 2018

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